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Escape Rooms Tamworth, Take back the throne

Time Traveller's Adventure

7/10 Difficulty

60 minutes duration

2 - 8 Players


You have eagerly travelled back in time to go on a medieval adventure. You have unearthed a letter that states King Evan was successful in his quest for the throne.

The rules are simple you have 60 minutes to explore and get back to reality.

There are no jump scares or low light. This is a room for all.

Zombie Apocalypse, Escape Rooms Tamworth, Tamworth escape rooms, scenarios

Zombie Apocalypse

8/10 Difficulty 

60 minute duration

2 - 8 Players 


In the year 2589, when the brilliant scientist invented the longevity serum. Generously published formula became available for every human being who desired to avoid death. As it turned out four years later it worked - but not quite how everyone would want to. The unexpected side effects of the formula was turning everyone who drank it into a zombie. Now the cities all over the world are swarmed with legions of undead. Every citizen who can make it is evacuated to shelters. No one is safe, not even you. Your plane leaves in an hour. Are you able to survive that long and reach the plane on time?

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Jail Break 

Medium Difficulty

60 minute duration

2-8 people 


It was just a little mishap, but you have landed yourself in the local holding cell for processing. Can you escape before the Warden knows who you are? Those before you have left clues on how to escape.

Look and listen carefully. Hurry leave no one behind! 

*There are smaller spaces in this room.

Green and Mean, The Grinch, Escape Rooms tamworth

Green and Mean

60 minute duration - fun vibe! 

Difficulty: Medium The Grinch has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

2 - 8 Players


He's green, mean and terribly unclean. We hear he's sticking presents in his Dump it to Crumpit machine.

You have one hour to see if you can follow the tracks, check the size of his heart and get the presents back. Good luck!