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Escape Rooms Tamworth - have given me full control of their website to help you.

Elsie Woods Case File

Cold Case

People to Trust...

Click on their profile to find out what else they know.

I.T expert Navy Hunt

I have completed a background check and have determined that Navy is an ally.

Hacking IP addresses and working on code takes time, so please help Navy when ever you can.


sequence puzzle

Our Photographer

Our photographer is here to capture all attendees of the night. Plus any suspicious activity that may be present. Like a true partner for an investigative journalist, she is on our side.

Detective image

Detective Lockley

He has been on the Irish gangs case from the beginning of time. He may appear flippant and well, lets be honest.... drunk. But his goal in life is to bring these criminals to justice.

Here is the QR code for the rest of your team.

QR code - part 2