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What is an escape room?, What is escape rooms Tamworth, What do you do at escape rooms Tamworth, is an escape room scary?

What is Escape Rooms Tamworth?

Escape Rooms are the latest worldwide craze in gaming. It is a live game where you and your team are taken to a themed room and immersed into a movie like scenario. You must solve the clues, puzzles and riddles within 60 minutes to complete the challenge and ‘’escape”. Our rooms are designed to be thought provoking, challenging, but over all fun! Each Room is assigned a Game Master, to follow your journey and help if you need a quick hint.

Each escape room is very different from one another, we hope to have enough thrill factor with Zombie Apocalypse and enough fun with Mean and Green. If the thrill of escaping the jail cell is what you're after than look no further than Jail Break. Finally if you like a classic theme and a challenge then the Time Traveller's adventure is a fantastic way to enter into the escape room realm. 

What to expect at Escape rooms tamworth, Scary, Tamworth Escape Rooms

Are you worried about what to expect? Here's the break down...

Zombie Apocalypse is the room at the top of our scare factor chart, but it is designed to have a few shocks and thrills rather than scare the pants off our guests. We don't recommend you bring your small children along, but over 12 year old's are more than welcome, permitting they have their parents permission of course. And at least one adult is present in the room.

Jail Break may sound daunting, but we take safety seriously. This is built to be fun, not terrifying. There's no mathematical equations, but plenty of puzzles to keep you on your toes.

The Time Traveller's Adventure is not as dark as the other rooms and is set to challenge you with its puzzles. This room is family friendly, but still has puzzles for all. 

Finally Green and Mean... here we have a room specifically designed for people of all ages. It is family friendly,  quirky and overall fun! But don't expect it to be too easy! If you're stuck for a babysitter, bring the kids along, under 5 years are free. They can still have fun as there are hands on puzzles to complete.


For those that love a good horror theme we will be having Fright Nights in the future!! Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the events and happenings of Escape Rooms Tamworth!


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