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Escape Room Personalities… which one are you?

Escape rooms can be intense and sometimes bring out personality traits that lay dormant in our everyday lives. As Game Masters in an escape room business we observe the games so we can provide clues and hints along the way, but we also see the best, worst and most hilarious personality traits shine through during the game.

We love to see a good victory dance or to see a leader’s frustration turn to glory when they escape. We love to see the analysts put all the pieces of the puzzles together and to watch the supporters take their chilled approach.

This is also why escape rooms are great for team building exercises. Not only are they a fun way to bond, but they also give you insight into team dynamics. You can easily see who can communicate effectively. Who keeps their cool even when the puzzles are proving to be overwhelmingly frustrating. Who listens to their peers and who is respectful of others. If your business has a team building budget this is your chance to use it and do something fun!! But for now… check out the profiles below; do any of these resonate with you??

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